Conducting Healing Classes Rooted in Biblical Doctrines


Upcoming Healing Classes

Wed. November 4th @ 7pm

Wed. December 2nd @ 7pm

Believe, Eat Well,

and Live Long!

If you need healing or a miracle in your body, please come to the upcoming healing classes of Word in Season Christian Center. You can also attend to gain knowledge on how to minister healing to others. Classes are free and will be held on the following dates at The Courtyard Marriott 7:00pm.  Bring your Bible and notebook.

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“He sent His WORD and healed them…”

Psalm 107:20

Classes are approximately one hour

Through our healing classes, we aim to:

Eliminate doubt concerning receiving healing

Maintain healing and walk in divine health

Learn how to minister healing to others through teaching and prayer

It makes little or no difference on what others say about healing or miracles

What matters is what God says!

Healing brochures on the following subjects are available

upon request.  Please use "contact us" button on this website

and we will be glad to send you requested brochure(s)

1. Healing Basics

2. 101 Things God Said

3. Overcoming Pain & Discomfort

4. Grace & Healing - Working Together for Your Good

5. Healing or Miracle needed for clear Eyesight

6. Healing or Miracle needed for clear Hearing

7. The Importance of Faith

8. Roadblocks & Obstacles to Healing

9. Healing or Miracle needed for Spine, Bones, & Joints

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“...every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of his labor, it is the gift of God."  Ecclesiastes 3:13

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Know What We Believe In